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Poor credit also has an emotional toll. Maybe you have a monthly worry of how to pay the endless bills, which never seem to get smaller? Perhaps you have been disappointed when you were denied better opportunities, like a new job, or a better apartment? Maybe you worry that you can’t seem to build up your emergency savings fund? And have you ever wanted to scream at the unfair, harassing collections calls, which seem scheduled to interrupt your peace of mind?

  • As a whole, Americans owe more than a trillion dollars in revolving credit, such as credit cards and home equity loans.
  • Individually, the average American household owes $15,654 in credit cards alone.

Poor credit has an emotional toll.

This level of debt has real consequences on the lives of average Americans. High debt rates negatively effects credit scores, which, in turn causes creditors to charge borrowers higher interest rates for their loans.

  • Many Americans are unable to save for a rainy-day fund, retirement, or their child’s education, because of the high rates they pay on credit cards.
  • Many Americans are denied opportunities such as better employment, better housing, or a new cell phone contract because of a poor credit score.
  • Many Americans are forced to pay higher rates of homeowner’s and automobile insurance because of their poor credit score.

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Millions Of Americans Are Behind On Their Bills

If you are overwhelmed by your debt or bad credit score, know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans just like you are struggling with their debt load and low credit score. Whether through poor choices, or through life setbacks such as an illness, an injury, a car accident, or a layoff, Americans often take on more debt than they can afford.

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